Heat controller for gloves?

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I need to make small pulse width modulators for my gloves. I have a heating wire in them that I use 2 AA batterers but it lasts only about 30 minutes. The wire was from electric socks the uses one D cell, it never produced much heat.

I would not mind using 4 AA batterers (rechargeable). I think I need a wide range of variability, mostly so I don't burn out anything.

I do not know what size wire it is, probably easier to get new wire, as long as it is not the micro wire uses in electric gloves.

Also the circuits should be easy to build. And I need to know where I can get the part.


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A circuit like this should do what you want. Just substitute the glove circuit for the motor. The parts can be purchased from any electronic supply such as DigiKey, Jameco, or Mouser.