Headphones wires

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i was just needing some wires for a project and when i cutted some headphones wires, i noticed they got one normal wire (like copper) and also had a red wire and a blue wire (not the insulation color, the same wire, the conductor of the wires are colored) so i was thinking if i only conect battery to the copper one, will i get the power or not, and btw how this work for headphones if they are always touching (the diferent wires) and when they get to the headphone the split.. its strange


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The strands are individually insulated with a flexible coloured enamel. The copper coloured strands are likely to be the common (- terminals of both earpieces), and the blue and red the + terminals of each individual earpiece.
The coloured enamel coating insults the strands from each other... and requires a fair bit of heat to burn off when tinning the wire with the iron.