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I am new to this forum.

I have an old car that I want to retrofit with the feature that turns the headlights off automatically when you get out of your car and leave. Car was not designed to do that - unfortunately for me, because I'm absent-minded and I'm always leaving my headlights on and having to be jumpstarted.

Can this be done? I am not an electronics wizard. Where would I start?


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Hello lflanagan,

I'm sorry, but after long and careful consideration by the Board staff members, a decision was recently made to prohibit all discussions of automotive related projects on this board.

This is due to the real safety hazards and potential legal issues that may be involved when people who were not specifically trained as automotive electrical engineers make recommendations for people who are not specifically trained and certified to build and install automotive-type projects.

The only recommendation that we can make is to have your automobile professionally maintained just as it was originally configured when delivered by the dealer, as at that time it was in compliance with all safety, transportation department regulations and emissions laws.

This policy may sound a bit over-restrictive, but it was the only logical decision that could be arrived at. I am not a member of the staff here, but I wholeheartedly agree with their decision.

There are three vehicles in my household; and all of them are in stock configuration.


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SgtWookie is right. Alterations to a vehicle can cause potential hazards.
The circuit to be used can be build in by an autorized dealer.

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