HCF4017 Decade Counter Help

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Hello Everyone,

I want to use an HCF4017 or similar device to controll many applications by hacking a rc car to send the motor control signals to the clock input of the HCF and then change the output and so change what device im controlling with the other "joystick" in the controller.
The problem is I cant get it to work, at first if I dont have a signal comming to Clock the Leds im using to represent the devices all flash like crazy. When I added a button to clock, the LED flashing will only stop while I hold down the button else they go crazy.
Does anyone have an idea of how I can get this to work, I dont want to use a microcontroller because I dont have a programmer, maybe is there another device I can use instead of the HCF4017?

Here is the Schematic:

Electronics :: carhcf4017.jpg picture by xGranTotemx - Photobucket
(Sorry I couldnt put it in here)

The big green block on the right, represents the circuit inside the RC car, the 2 wires are the connections to what would be the forward/backwards motor, the other one, the one going to "CLK" is the "right" command to the steering motor. What I want is when the "right" is pressed the HCF4017 will change the output, allowing the control over another motor with the Forward/Backward commandz. I am using the relays as I needed a way to not drain the current directly from the HCF4017 while not using transistors as the power rails to the motor switch from Positive to Negative depending on if it should go forward or backward.

Thanks In advance,