Having Trouble with ExpressPCB

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Hey all
I am new to PCB's and all of that, so i really appreciate all the help
I listened to one of my friends, and designed my PCB for creation using Express PCB software
So far I have successffuly created all my schematics using the ExpressSCH software
But I am having some trouble to create them as PCB and could really use some help

I did what they said and clicked the "link schematic to PCB link"
But it did nothing!
Nothing on the screen changed and I am very confused
Am I doing something wrong??

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What that does is link the component identifiers (R1, C3, D2.....) in the schematic to the components with the same identifier (R1, C3, D2.....) that you have added to the PCB. Once linked, if you select the "Highlight net connections" button (lower left) and click the cursor on a component's pad, it will highlight all other component pads that are connected to it in the schematic.

If you make changes in the schematic while editing the PCB, make sure you re-save the schematic, and refresh the link in the PCB.