having trouble finding the appropriate digital switching ICs for my project

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    Dec 4, 2013
    hello everyone!
    i m a newbie here, and need some help.
    i am looking for ICs for the purpose of digital switching, but am unable to find the appropriate ICs. i am looking for an IC which could be used for the purpose of digital switching purpose, such as MUX or electrical relays. the IC must have a logic circuit with two inputs, one output and a control signal. when the control signal is 0, the first input should be obtained at the output terminal; and when the control signal is 1, the second input is obtained at the output terminals; exactly as a digital MUX. the different thing is, the control signal is low power signal (max. 3volts dc) and the inputs are high power (about 30 volts dc).
    i guess, electrical isolation is needed between the input/output circuitry and the control signal. isn't it so??
    the IC should have atleast four of such logic circuits in a single package; thats easy. the problem is, each of such control logic circuit should have a separate control signal, i.e., for each pair of high-power inputs.
    in simple words, i am looking for IC having atleast four digital 2-input MUXs in a single package, each MUX having its own separate control signal that could be controlled with low power signals (max. 3 volts dc), and each MUX should be capable of handling high power (about 30 volts dc) as its input and output.

    can anyone please help me with that??
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    How much output current do you need to switch?
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