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    Please help us about our project homework;
    Here is the question;

    Design a five section high pass lumped element filter with 1 dB equal-ripple response, a cut-off frequency of 1 GHz and an impedance of 50 Ohms. Plot the amplitude and phase response of the filter. Obtain microstrip realization for a dilecetric material of εr=9 and thickness 0.5 mm.

    What are the whole steps which toolbox should we use matlab sth. please show us the steps and help us to find the solutions ?
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    What you need for an equal ripple response is a Chebyshev filter. There are tables available that give component values for a lumped element low pass filter with a corner frequency of 1 radian per second. This prototype filter is then scaled up to the frequency of interest.

    You can also transform the prototype low pass filter to a high pass, bandpass, or band stop filter (aka Notch filter).

    All this and more is contained in van Valkenburg,Analog Filter Design
    or online at

    Can't help with Matlab. I use Excel and LTSpice for this stuff.