Hartleys oscillator

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I need a proper, WORKING circuit diagram for Hartleys oscillator. Nothing given to me by my teachers is giving me a satisfactory output :(. ANY help is appreciated :)


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If the thread Bertus pointed you to doesn't have enough information, please reply back to THIS thread instead of the other one.

This thread is yours.
If you need LTSpice, then simply go to http://www.google.com and search for "LTSpice download"


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I don't have any circuit diagram to give you right away, but I would like to encourage you to research and build one (through trial and error if necessary) instead. The experience will truely enrich your understanding and confidence in circuit design, on successful completion. You already know the theoretical basics, and with numerous circuits to research online, let your mind go to work. It is a awesome opportunity for learing and discovery.
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