Hartke HA3500 That Blows Fuses (115v)

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I know this is late but may help someone...I just repaired a Hartke HA3500 with a fuse blowing problem. It was the capacitor (0.1 uf - 200v) just before the bridge rectifier in the B+ circuit (C436 on the internet schematic diagram but the number on my amp was C428). It was shorted and the amp kept blowing fuses so I cut one of the legs off the cap and the amp doesn't blow fuses any more. I am still trying to figure out what the B+,B- are for because the amp tube does have a 200v supply provided by another part of the power supply. Possibly for future expansion? I was fortunate enough to see an arc with the cover off when I powered it up, put a good fuse in it and it appears to be functional. I hope this helps. It could have been caused by a bad run of capacitors so there may be a lot of amps out there like this - a lot of Hartke haters out there possibly from this. This amp is only a few years old and I bought it for parts so I got really lucky on this one. Rock till ya drop :)

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