Hardware Question 1.27 to 2.54 pitch conversion

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I purchased an RF module that is a 15mm x 15mm square with 1.27 pitch SMT pads. It is made to solder directly to a PCB board, but for prototyping purposes, I need some sort of little holder that this will snap into and expose the pads as pins that can be inserted into a standard solderless breadboard (2.54mm pitch). Has anyone ever heard of such a thing ? Any and all suggestions / alternatives welcome.

Thank you in advance and I apologize if this is the wrong forum.

I have attached an image of the module.



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That is an SOIC (0.05")or DFN (0.025")package, not entirely sure, DFN would be smaller pitched typically.

Schmartboard is one company that sells "surfboards", which are adapters that you solder the SOIC / DFN /TSSOP / QFN basically any size package on, and it spreads out to 0.1" pin pitch for breadboarding.



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While you can get adapters, I strongly suggest that you don't use one for an RF module. You will be adding lots of parasitics by using a breadboard, and cheat yourself out of any benefits you might have had with a ground plane on a custom PCB.

If you DO manage to get it working with a breadboard, and later make a PCB, you will basically have to start all over again with the troubleshooting, as many/most of the parasitics due to breadboarding will have disappeared.

You will save time by starting off with a custom PCB.

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Hi SgtWookie,

Thanks for your reply. I was afraid of that (parasitics), as part of the module contains the antenna and the manufacturer recommended keeping that area clear. I have medium experience with electronics and microcontroller programming, but zero with custom PCBs. I am just tinkering and need the 'Cheapest & Easiest solution for a custom PCB'. Per your request, I have started a new thread labeled as such.

Thanks again,