harddrive interface conversion ?

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Over the years I have used pata and sata hard drive enclosures to convert an internal sata/pata hard drive to an external usb hard drive.
Now I have a whole bunch of internal sata drives lying around and a whole bunch of semi-old computer that only support pata/IDE internal drives.

So I am faced with sort of the opposite problem.

My question is
Is their a cheap way of converting a sata internal drive to work with a pata/IDE internal drive interface. (i.e sata cables/ hard drive to ribbon cables , molex connector type pata drive )

I have the molex to sata power cables so I can get power to the device (i.e can do the power conversion part) but when it comes to
converting sata data cable to a ribbon type I have no clue what to do or weather their is some hardware you can buy to convert between the 2 types, i.e sata data 7 pin to ribbon 40ish pin . I know one is using serial and the other is using parrell transfers so it would have to some hardware to convert between the 2.