Hard to grasp info on many different capacities of Lithium battery packs

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The below is info on many different capacities of Lithium battery packs as a PS to most, if not all, of cordless heavy-duty equipments today
But while they have a voltage value info also they have very confusing, hard to grasp info on:

48Vf, 88Vf, 98Vf and 268Vf

So what's actually the Vf all about ?

Please whom I thank sincerely help clarify its true meaning


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Capacity is measured in Amp-hours (Ah) or Watt-hours (Wh). Vf is rare, usually relates to Voltage-force as a poor description/mis-translation of what is better known as Potential Difference.

48V and 96V are common nominal voltages for Li-Ion EV-bike battery packs. Never seen 88,used but might relate to a 24cell * 3.7v = 88.8v which would more commonly be designated a 96v pack. No idea on 268!

Can you post a link to these examples so we can see them in context, which will help us to understand your confusion.


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They are usually measured in nominal Volts and ampere-hours.
The total battery energy (Wh) is somewhat less than the Volts * Ah, since the voltage drops as the battery discharges.