Hanns G Monitor Repair

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I've repaired monitors before. But this one confuses me. I've repaired this monitor before. I got it and it didn't power up. The power LED didn't turn on. I was about to replace the caps, but it was cheaper to replace the power board. And it worked fine for a long while. Recently, I was using it. The computer turned off the monitor due to inactivity. The LED was lit. I hit the spacebar, the desktop was back. Then after a second, went black on it's own. The LED was lit. I hit the spacebar, but it didn't comeback. I turned the monitor off then on, the power led went off then on like usual. I pressed the menu buttons, but nothing happened. I plugged it to my chromebook, nothing. The led was lit, the buttons for monitor options didn't do anything.

So the question is, what's wrong with it. I would imagine it's the graphic/interface board. The led lights, so the power board is probably ok. Does anyone who knows how to repair monitors, agree? The graphic/interface board looks fine. I don't have patience with multi-meters when it comes to testing caps. There are like 10 caps, they all look fine. I would have expected atleast one to look bad.

Why am I confused. I'm not sure. I guess I'm worried the power board may not be completely compatible. But I checked and the model/code/serial matches. Can it be the screen? But usually, unless the desktop can be seen but with lines, dead pixels, or bad colors, usually screens are pretty long lasting. I guess the fact that all the caps look fine, on the power and the graphic/interface boards, is probably why I'm confused.