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Hello Everyone,

This is a small project I have undertaken in alternative energy field . Being new to electronics in general I am kind of stuck with very basic step .

I was successful in opening up an hand crank generator (HCG) ( Attachement : Picture #5 ,6,7) and kind of understood its working . To get down to basics I purchased an DIY generator set ( attachement : Picture#3), wound wire and made a working "motor" ( Attachement: picture #4).

Well I thought a generator and motor are very same its just when you introduce a battery it produces mechanical motion while the other way round one should expect some electricity. So here is what I was trying to do is turn the DIY generator kit with a drill ( really high speed, its a craftsman 5.5 Amps drill) and connect the output to the PCB from the HCG and try to power up the 3 LEDs. Well it didnt do anything , so here is what I did next was to take the motor out of the gear train and turned the shaft of the motor with a drill while the wires where connected to the PCB , the LEDS still didnt turn on . But when the same motor when was spinned with the crank mechanism it did light up the LEDs.
Can somebody help me out with this.

Thanks in advance and thank you for making me part of this group . I think I will have lots of fun.



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A schematic would be helpful. We don't know how the LED's are in circuit. Also, did you try turning the motor the opposite way?