hammer ez630

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Mike Ndala

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i have the above energizer hammer ez630 not working. the bar led indicators are not working except the battery and mains. i diconnected the fence wires and then made a temporary short between the out and return leads on the panel, still all was in vain. anybody with the idea on what could be the problem.please help.


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I found a manual for the EZ630 online:

It looks like you have attempted the diagnostic procedure described in section 3.3, but not obtaining the desired results.

It appears that those units are made by "LAB Electronic Components (Pty) Ltd".
A Google search for the company name returned a number of pages, including these:
http://www.brabys.co.za/search-InfoKey.asp?ref=5507948&name=Lab Electronic Components (Pty) Ltd

I suggest that you contact the manufacturer for their service policy.