Half-Wave Rectifier Average Diode Current


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Hi Petrucciowns,

The average load voltage divided by the load resistance will give you the average load current which is the average diode current.

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Hm, I know that is how to find the peak diode current, but the average diode current is different. How is the average diode current found? I tried to see if it was the same value in RMS but that is not correct. So I'm stumped.


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To find a average voltage, you have to finding the area under the output curve over a full cycle (2∏)
So you need to calculate the definite integral from 0 to ∏, to find area under the curve.
And then:
Vavg=area/2∏=1/2∏*∫Vpsinθ dθ =Vp/∏