half size clock module "vishay x0 52"

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weve all seen them on computer add on cards like sound cards etc that silver block with a frequency stamped on it, has anyone ever tried to use one in a stand alone homebrew circuit. im trying to use one at the moment but its output does look like the data sheet timing waveform.
im using a "vishay XO 52" 25.175 mhz half size module, the data sheet shows a nice square wave, they suggest using a 15pf or 50pf capacitor on the output.
looking on the scope all i can achieve is a sine wave, different capacitor sizes produce different size sine waves. running my circuit with this is also causing an awfull lot of noise. how is it possible to use these devices an get the expected results. i scoped a similar device on a sound card while running and it was a pure square wave. its got me a bit baffled can anyone help?:confused:


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I've used these on occasion to get a precise frequency. Mine worked straight out of the box and onto the board.

They do come in styles that have a sine wave output: DigiKey oscillator selector guide

"XO 52" is not a full part number. Do you have a link to the data sheet or the exact part number?