Half-Bridge ZCS Resonant

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    Feb 12, 2008

    I'm trying to work on a small project which will allow me to better understand simulation software and electronics. I would like to create a half-bridge zcs resonant converter using pspice software (unless there is a better one to achieve my goal). I would like to ask if anyone would have an idea where I can find a simple schematic of the converter. I have searched around, IEEE and such, but most of them are too complex for my purpose. I basically would like to design one and example its characteristics using the software. I have found an example in a book that appears to fit my needs, yet I cannot seem to transfer it into pspice. I cannot find the mosfet and a way to control it. The example in the book has predetermined values for the components, so I was wondering where can I find something that would allow me to calculate what values should be used for C, L, etc based on Vs and desired Vout?

    I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you!

    I'm including a snapshot of what I have thus far.
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