Half bridge induction heater issue

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I finally got my half bridge inverter to work without exploding. When i turn it on, the signal on the tank circuit side is in ac, although i cannot seem to make it sinusoidal(tuned). it is, however, pretty close. when i put a metal rod in the coil, nothing happens. it doesnt even start to get warm. i know i am using a rather low voltage compared to other induction heaters, but wouldnt it still work at this voltage? Is it because the circuit is not fully tuned? should i use a different driver(not the ir2111)? ive included a picture of the schematic.



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Let me restate that. You CANNOT drive N-channel mosfet on the positive rail like that. It will never fully open, thus no power in your coil.

And please refrain from creating multiple threads on the very same topic. I suggest either merging the two or closing the old one.