H2 inductively coupled plasma Ion source

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    Sep 27, 2009
    I need to build a H2 ion source using 13.56 Mhz RF generated induction energy. I have a 8 cm diameter and 20 cm long chamber. I am thinking about filling chamber with low pressure H2 and putting a three turn RF antenna (Coil) inside and connect a 13.56 Mhz RF generator to the coil to make plasma. latter by installing proper electrods I can extract beam of posive ions out of the chamber. For now I need to know how to design the coil. I need to know coil conductor material and diameter, coild inner diameter, coil exact turns and coild lenght. I know there is impedance matching issue between coil and Rf generator but this will be considered later. For now coil is the first aim.

    Any help or documantation regarding coil (antenna) calculations will be appriciated.
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    Mar 6, 2009
    You might try something like this .....


    You probably also need more information like ...

    * RF input power and tolerable losses
    * Resonating capacitance

    You already mentioned matching issues ....