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  1. rdevendrakumar1989

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Hai Friends,
    We can sense H2 gas by two methods...
    1. Calorimetric Detection - Gas concentration Vs. Temperature Rise ( Produced by the heat reaction on a catalytic)
    Note : Its should be independent of coverage area for better response

    2. Conductivity Detection - Gas concentration Vs. Change in electical conductivity ( Reaction of gas on the solid surface)

    LEL of H2 is 4% .. so we cutoff the system before its reach that limit.. so 0- 80% LEL enough for us..

    Step :
    First purchase H2 sensor and make circuit for our own..

    Help :

    What are the h2 gas sensor suit for our requirement?
    Give an idea to create circuit..

    Thank You
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