(H.S.V.A.) High Stress Voice Analyzer

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    Dec 20, 2013
    Howdy Pardners: as a living room conversational piece, I am trying to build my own "High Stress Voice Analyzer"; just to have fun; back in the 80's you could buy a used Motorola phone (they had an electronic chip) that many project builders would use for this & other purposes. Today the 80's is like a 100 years ago, so finding this particular chip ( I can't remember which one) is very difficult, I'm open for any ideas or suggestions; ""PARAMONT"" I wish this to be a fun project in building it, I don't want to buy any similar items, I use all of my projects to teach my children and their friends (who happen to join us) the fun of converting electronic signals & power into meaningful gadgets (e.g) light listeners instead of a light meter, photo sensitive motion detectors instead of sound waves, they build on these and have fun, me too; can anybody help me please..thanks