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    Nov 14, 2008
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    I would attemp to reproduce the measurement of hie (input Z),hfe (ac),hoe (output admittance) and hre (reverse voltage feedback ratio).The frist predictment for me is should the transistor be biased?
    If so, how do I manitain output shorted for hie,and hfe,input open for hoe and hre having the input open.
    Most specs says something like ,Ic=1.0 ma dc,Vce=10 Vdc and 1khz.
    But in regard to purpose,shorting emitter-collector prevent reflection of external resistance if used in emitter circuit.Also, this gives a full load impression.The input open for the output admittance is to prevent emitter current from entering the base.Also with hre to measure voltage across the open input. what am I missing??:confused: