H-Bridge power calculation

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    Feb 17, 2010
    Hi friends,

    I am using H-Bridge LMD 18201(from National) in my design for controlling direction of motor movement. I wanted to know how do we exactly calculate the power dissipation of an H-Bridge. This H-Bridge uses 4 MOSFETS.

    After some ground work this is what i found: Total Power dissipation of H-Bridge = Ptot = Pq + Pcond + Psw

    Pq :Device power consumption under quiescent, no load, conditions
    = (Logic Supply Voltage x Logic Supply Current) + (Load supply Voltage x Load Supply Current (under no load conditions))

    Conductive Power Dissipation, Pcond = 2 x Irms^2 x Rds(on)

    Switching Power Dissipation, Psw(combination of energy dissipated by switches and protection diodes during the ON/OFF switching action.) = (Eon + Eoff) x F

    Can anyone please tell me if this way of calculating power dissipation is correct.
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    Feb 4, 2008
    Yes, it is a correct way to calculate the total power dissipation in a chip. You consider all the elements where power is dissipated and add them. Some of them might be negligible and you can ignore them.