Gyros and accelerometers

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What is the difference between a gyro and accelerometer?

I believe that they can both detect rotation?

Which is the most accurate?



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An accelerometer detects acceleration force, and does not have to be multi-dimensional. This means it can detect something like how hard you swing or "accelerate" a device, like in a nintendo wii control. A gyroscopes main purpose is what you said, to detect which dimension a device is leaning, sort of speak.


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Take a look at MEMS motion sensors. A couple of example part numbers are LIS3L06AL, LIS33DE, both can sense motion in all 3 axis. You'd need to use a microcontroller to interface with them.

If that looks too difficult, Radio Shack stores generally stock a 2-axis accelerometer for around $33:
You'll still need a uC or other circuitry to get the data out of it.

The missile rate gyro Marshallf3 linked to could work, but be aware that you will need one complete circuit & gyro per axis to be tracked, and they will have to be physically linked together.


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If you want to directly connect it to a PC you will need a I2C to Serial adapter or similar circuit (similar to these >> since the module requires a I2C connection to a processor...

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