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Is there a silencer for the guns. Shoot your replies please. I am dying to know. I have a .22 BSA Rifle & a 12 Bore Single barrel breach loading gun. The 12 Bore makes helluva noise. I dont want the other Boars to be scared by the first shot.:cool:



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Not exactly electronics but........

a .22 can definately be silenced. A Good Bolt action, with a silencer and Subsonic ammo is very quiet indeed.
I have one for my Mauser, and it works very well, but the one I tried on my 10-22 ruger wasn't so effective. I found the noise from the semi-auto mech to be quite loud in itself, and I know that some semi's dont like using Sub-sonic ammo either.... not enough punch to re-cock the mech.
As for the 12 gauge, I have heard of them being silenced, but I have no experiance with that and no idea how effective it would be.
Good luck with Porky... (th th th th thats all folks)


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Silencers on most bigger bore guns will not actually totally silence the shot, but reduce the noise.

From wikipedia:
"Motion pictures have produced the common misconception that sound suppressors ("silencers") completely silence the weapon's sound, or reduce it to a quiet whistling sound, which is in most cases very far from the truth."


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Use a larger bore shotgun and drop more oinkers with one discharge. 37mm with canister should do it. The wildlife agent may get a bit bent, though...

How about a crossbow? Slow to reload, but pretty quiet.


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Boars can get pretty nasty if ya just wound em. Had a friend who used to go Pig shooting with a crossbow, but he always had a shotgun by his side loaded with a solid slug as a safety measure.


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It's only with some types of ammo that you ever get true silence out of them. A .22lr can be silenced if it's subsonic to the point of anemia. The best silenced weapon was on a .45acp carbine specially made during WWII for I think commandos. The Delisle carbine is said to be virtually silent.

The Russians developed a cartridge that is completely silent. It's a strange system having powder, a piston and a bullet. The powder pushes the piston which pushes on the bullet.

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