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    Aug 14, 2012
    Greetings to ALL.

    For some reason I was not allowed to use the Flea Market forum for this question. I have posted 4 times in 3 sections without problem. being new to forums in general, I'm rather clueless about this. I thought that I might pose the question in the General Electronics Chat section. I have 4 good, late 60's to early 70's R.C.A., 6550 power tubes. All have the batch number of 7435.
    They are grey plate, and have perhaps 150-200 hours on them. They were
    used in a Sunn 100Watt bass head. The amp developed non-tube related problems( mostly a burned out power transformer ). I did not wish to put that much money in the amp, so I salvaged what I could, including the old"
    Coke bottle" type 6550's. Would anybody happen to know what their value, if any, would be. If they are worthless, I might consider giving them to somebody in need, although we'd have to work out the shipping charges. Thanks in advance for any replies. secretagentman.
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    Nov 30, 2010
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    Wow, $59.75 a piece new. Your 4 old tubes should worth well around $100. Anyone know where I can get 7189A or EL84 nowadays (I mean cheaply) ?