Guard traces for critical signals in PCB? Is it really protects!

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Why we need guard traces for critical signals like video or audio analog signals....

is it really plays good role in eliminating interference... or any other remedy is there?:(


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Having a ground plane is a good idea. I also like to put "via fences" on either side of whatever signal I want to protect or isolate. Just run a thick trace on either side of the signal with vias straight to ground every few millimeters.

If you spend some time on google you can find some references that give specific solutions. There's one book on the subject that I know of that's very good. It's called "High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic" by Howard Johnson. Amazon link You could also check out "The Circuit Designer's Companion" by Tim Williams, but I don't think it covers those topics in as much detail as the former. Amazon link