gsm relay controller battery backup and signal sensor on power loss

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    Jan 18, 2010
    first time posting on this site, I have enjoyed looking around and have found some great info but would like some critique on a project that I am working on to feel comfortable to take the next step as i am a novice and have kludged together a few other projects to build the schematic (attached).

    I am looking at installing a gsm relay controller at home. Among other things I would like it to alert me in the case of a power loss; this circuit is what I am most unsure about.

    To accomplish this I am proposing to give it a battery backup and a relay that would on power loss activate a built in sensor. Triggering the sensor will allow it to send out an alert (a text message).

    the controller needs @12V 15mA idle and 1A peak, so I was thinking of using a simple 6v AAA battery pack which should give it enough peak amperage and voltage to send the alert.

    if anyone has any correctionns, suggestions, tips, critique or improvements I would really appreciate it!