gsm jammer

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hey ppl i hv a problem wid ma prjkt in da rf part of the gsm jammer
Why do you ask for help like this? Most people just ignore the ignorance. If you don't use proper english, why would you expect a proper response? True, most of us are smart enough to fill in the missing letters, even figure out what it is you need help on, but why bother, when you are too lazy to type a few letters to make it clear to all. There are quite a few very good people in electronics here, but english isn't their native language (expess theirselves much clearer then you did), your plea excludes some very knowledgable people, as they would have to work a little on proper english, yours would make little or no sense.

Since nobody has seen your project, how are we to magically find the fault, just guess, like guessing at the missing letters in your text?


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just IGNORE it.. since its his 1st post, maybe hes just fooling around... let him figure it out what he did wrong with his "prjkt"... he should learn how to debug HIS work, right "people"?? :D
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