Grundig SCD 5000

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    Aug 29, 2008
    I am currently trying to get this Radio/CD/Cassett player to work.
    I really need the circuit diagram but having looked everywhere on the net I am coming to realize its got to be fixed without the schematic. The problem is the output transistor circuit. When I briefly short accross what appears to be a small transistor with only two leads, the radio sounds fine but quickly the power transistor gets very hot and the sound breaks down into a loud buzz. If I use a lamp the sound is good but after about 5 seconds the circuit starts to oscillate between the lamp on and the sound. I think the small case style TO92j 'transistor' is in fact a current regulating diode- anyway it is open circuit. The letters on the case are N25U which no one has ever heard of. I can buy another new player for £15 so the whole excercise is just for fun - any suggestions please would be welcome.