Growing to Fast?

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    Nov 14, 2008
    There have been this issue about young people growing to fast.Some adults coin it as over matured.But what do they mean by those statements?Most of the the time I get the impression that they are referring to sexual intercouse or partying or using foul language. Perhaps they mean that they are experiencing more problems then the teenagers experience twenty or thirty years ago?Some societies groups attempt to propagate prayer in schools and some parents decided to sent their young folks to private schools as a remedy for growing old to fast.In some places their are those that says their are not enough teachers per population of students.Which have the connotation of more jobs?They speak of better teaching and equipment technology.But what is really missing?The knowlege of self.Where is this knoweledge hidden?From people who studied the human race all their living life in many places on the planet.People such as B.F Skinner,Ivan P.Pavlov,Friedrich Nietzsche,William James ,Aristotle,Plato,ect.This should be a ''Must'' course from 12 years old to the graduation of high school. This is the best age to begin the exploration in to the minds of people who logically studied human ways beside their own. Additionally, the mental intelligence at 12 years of age is ready to explore such Data. Besides, this wisdom encompasses religion and politics .The human mental and physical world seems to be the main theme. Many will not make it to college where these subjects are a "Must." This is what they lack, the foundation of the self explained in a way these philosophers or humans do it. Their(philosophers) disagreement with other beliefs regarding their school of thought and colleagues is also excitingly interesting. How much people are unconscious about themselves until it hit the papers in a very understandable version. The more we understand our selfs the better the decisions we can make,the better we can endure problems,solve problems or evade problems is what I assume to be an appropriate ritual.What kind of understanding will the 12 years to 18 years of age would have if thet studied philospy throughout their years of school from 7th grade to 12th grade? Whew!
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