Grounded Coplanar Microwave in PCB Layout

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    Jan 6, 2011
    Dear Collegue,
    I have to develop a 6 layers PCB Layout for a ciruit.
    In this circuit there is a Bluetooth Interface based on STM Module and an Antenova Antenna (external at the STM Module).
    I must develop a connection from the Antenova Antenna to the STM Module. The user guide of the Antenova antenna describe that I have to use a Groundeed Coplanar Microwave and the guide show that I don't have any route near at the microwave and antenna.
    I use to design the geometrical parameter of the Grounded Coplanar Microwave the tool Aglent AppCAD.
    I Would like to know if in the gemetrical design of the Grounded Coplanar Microwave, I can consider to locate the grounded plane in the bottom of the circuit to obtain a dielectric thickness equal at the 5*signle layer dielectric thiskness becouse from a layer to other there isn't copper near at the antenna.
    If I can suppose it, the error of the real characteristic impedance that I design is small compared to the AppCad or ideal value?
    In addition, I'd like to know which is the most powerfull and simple tool that I use to simulate the Grounded Coplanar Microwave thath I have to design how Geometry for my loyout circuit with Cadence Allegro PCB Editor.