Grid integration of Solar Rooftop.

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    Hi all, been a long time since I stopped being a contributing member, and now I am here to freeload once again :p.

    As a part of a large pilot project for a state in India, I would be helping government agencies here in implementing solar rooftop systems on net-metering here. (1KWp to 500 KWp).

    Since the market is already well developed in other countries, would want to know the technical issues people face with grid integration.

    I request people to share their knowledge and experience on the grid integration of solar systems with grid (small scale distributed renewable generators,with distribution network). Anything on anti-islanding, harmonics, transients, voltage flickers, dc component injection, change in voltage profile of distribution network, or any issues related to rooftop system (tehcnical or commercial).

    I will try and share my experience on the same here the benefit of others.

    Kind Regards.
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