Grid Connected Inverter

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Hi Everyone,

I am using Orcad Pspice and I am trying to synchronized my inverter and the utility grid. I am taking the grid voltage as a reference and trying to synchronized them. I have found something that some people synchronised the inverter output and the grid. They used Pspice and their grid (They used Vsin) expression in the phase section is {360*50*1/4/(2*(2*k+1)*50)}. They use for the reference again Vsin part and it's expression in the phase is {360*50*1/4/(2*(2*k+1)*50)+phi}. I think Phi comes from the filters phase delay. But I could not understand the rest of the expression. What can it be?? It is like (2phi*f*1/4/(2*(2*k+1)*50). What do you think it can be?

Thank you for your help