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Hello all. I really like the site and forum so far. Lots of good info. I am very interested in electronics. I acquired my Airframe and Powerplant Technician license a year ago. I was going to go immediately to avionics school afterward, but unfortunately my financing fell through. I took a basic electricity course as a part of my AMT curriculum which is where I learned of my deep interest in electricity and electronics, however the course did not delve very deeply, and we only had a few small projects. Needless to say my knowlege is lacking when it comes to this area, but I am trying to remedy that. Anyway, just thought I'd introduce my self.


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Hi and welcome to the fourms,

Hope you find your time here productive and don't hestitate to drop me a PM if you have a problem. Interesting to see your from an Aviation background, certainly a good grounding for any budding engineer.