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I've recently become interested in building a DIY audio amplifier. Although being fairly competent when it comes to understanding digital computers (building, programming, etc.) I am a complete novice around electronics...especially anything analog.

So...bits, bytes, hex, and boolean logic...that I get.

But when it comes to volts, ohms, amps...and waves....well.... &@^%$*?????????).

So, I've been scouring the web for electric/electronic tutorials...and this site is FANTASTIC!!!!!

One problem however is that I like to fire up my laser printer and print out the info. Then I can recline in my lazyboy...with my yellow highlighter...and suck it all in.

Unfortunately, this site (like so many others) is not printer friendly...the printing gets chopped. I guess HTML word wrap is turned off for screen size modifications as well as for printing.

But...I'm not a "web-master", so I don't know if I'm just not stupid. Is there is a way to print these pages that I don't know about?

Is it possible for the web-master of the site to modify the HTML to give the user the option of flipping the scrollable chapter listings over to the "right-hand-side" of the screen...which may free up enough space for printing (I don't mind if the chaper listings get chopped).

Long term "printer friendly"...or "PDF full chapters" would be nice. But, I'm not sure that after the amount of work the builders of the site have put in...that they would have the energy.

Also, there definitely needs to be some mention of the history and genesis of this site. Some seemingly annonimous group has done a tremendous job setting this site up...and taking absolutely no credit!!!!!


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Just cut and paste the pages to a Word (or equivalent programme) document. The text comes out well and the pictures are just right with no distortions. Then its a case of just print off your Word doc. :)

The PDF idea is a good one though.