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Hi everyone

I have recently completed my audio mixing console project and submitted it. Everything functioned as intended and I was very pleased with the performance. However I could have made some improvements to the Bass, Mid Range & Treble controls, given a bit more time I could have made it far better. All the circuits that I used in my project where designed by me, I used my college notes to help me design some circuits. I understand it could have been far simpler using a range of IC's however doing so would not have scored me project marks.

Unfortunately I do not have a video of the final working project just a few videos focused mainly on the equalisers. Hopefully I will get the project back from my college over the summer and maybe I will get the chance to improve it.

I have uploaded some pictures of the final project to dropbox, for those of you that would like to see it. Once again thanks to everyone who helped guide me and got me thinking on the right levels! :D


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We have a Forum called, "The Completed Projects Collection". I wish you would post your completed project there. Think of it as a great big, "Thank You" to the people that helped you. (That is the only pay we get.)