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What is the difference bet. Master of Science and Master of Engineering? I am starting to build my career here in the Ph, and I want to continue my learning on graduate school, but I dont know the program for Graduate School for Engineering. :p
Can anyone please explain to me the program for Graduate School for Engineering because I believe that our programs unique compared to other courses. :D

A Million thanks and to your reply. :D


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There is a fundamental difference between science and engineering.
Why vs How

Science is the study of why things behave the way they do, especially things in the natural world.

Engineering is the study of how we apply the science in creating new things.


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I have a ME for U of Florida, and it is not very different from a MSEE. The question is; what do you want to do, what courses are offered that apply to your chosen field, why do you want/need a masters? In general the graduate courses I took weren't much different from my undergraduate courses, so the graduate degree wasn't much use to me except as wallpaper. The GI bill paid handsomely for me to attend graduate school, so I did it as a part time job; maybe that is why I had so little interest. On the other hand, very few graduate courses were of practical use, and I was a practicing engineer. Unless your career path requires the degree I think it is a waste of your time and money.

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Thank you very much MrChips and ramancini8 for giving me a clear view about the raised question.
I understand that the distinction is about the research and application, or it is abt interest and practicality.

I've been reading a lot of comments on diff. site about how they view Thesis Master and Non-thesis, can I relate this to ME and MS for Engineering?

How about the process? should I fill the required # of UNITS with different subjects such as Wireless Comm, Data Comms and etc. ?

:D Thank You very much sir. I am looking forward to your replies.