gpu programming?

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hi , I have been reading stuff about gpu card programming with cuda , opencl , and DirectCompute.

What I know is this
I know DirectCompute is microsofts API for it and they say it runs on vista or windows 7 not anything earlier like xp ,...etc.

OpenCL this is an api for different programming lanuages like JOCL (java), Python ,...etc
to do gpu /parrell processing with your graphics card in much the same way as DirectCompute API

Cudu came out around the 90's era from the wikipedia artical's on it.

I am wondering if you need specific gpu/graphics cards to use cuda , opencl , and DirectCompute ? And where / what do I need to download to get started doing some test programs to see it work?

My computer is kind of old it is a dell dimenision 4600
with NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200.

Anybody with gpu programming experience out their that can help me get started.
Thank you.​