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  1. piratepaul

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    May 20, 2013
    Hi, I have a GPS thingi, it looks like a mushroom and is plastic.

    It says ...

    mod UX0GPL50CO3
    ser no 603 0575
    POWER10-35V DC
    MADE IN ITALY ... on the mushroom.

    This was given to me in bits with the connector which connects the lead to the mushroom missing. The connector is inside the mushroom.
    That is all I have.

    It has 6 pins (I have just realized there are 6 pins and 8 wires + earth/shroud thingi, I will have to get the meter to find out which is connected to the connector at the other end, I said I would post this so I will, I will find out which wires are in use in a bit and post it)

    I need to know which wires are which, how do I connect them?
    The connector (inside the mushroom) has 6 inline pins and is similar to the white rectangular connectors in lap tops, I hope to glue them back in.

    A photo of the inside of the same, or similar device would be a gem.

    I will tell you what colour the wires are when I have found out which are connected.

  2. piratepaul

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    May 20, 2013
    0 open circuit 0 red

    0 shroud/yellow/black
    0 grey 0 green


    (It says cobra on the top)

    The 0's are the pins at the other end and show thier (aprox) layout, there is also a blue wire which I would assume should connect to the open circuit. (perhaps he lost his rag and ripped the wire out after wiggling proved to do something)
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    Dec 8, 2009
    This may not be anything, but look HERE on page 78.

    It may also be from another model.

    Are we getting close?