gould oscilloscope type 4041

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I am new in this, So I say Hallo to everybody.

I have a Gould oscilloscope type 4041 20Mhz. This seems to be a military type. Is there somebody who has more info on this scope?
Or Is there a scope that compares with the specs of the Gould oscilloscope type 4041. Normally the military types are scopes with higher quality electronic parts in it but closely comparing with civilian apparatus and mostly with an other number.

I would be grateful for on or other answer.

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I also noticed that, I went through internet for hours, but could not find anything. it would be nice to get a manual or something.



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Hi Satchid,
I myself am trying to find a user /service manual for an LG OS-5020G, but alas to no avail.
But as for your problem i also have a Gould 4041 and i was trying to find out how and why the trace beam has suddenly become stationary, or even racing, whatever i digress, i managed to get a copy of 35 service/manual PDF Files on Disc for most of the Gould range from a Company called Mauritron Technical Services, their web address is

These files are complete and concise,and list every part inside the scope, right down to the spider in the corner ( i jest )

Hi and Hello to everybody!
I'm also new here and found also some to read for the Gould DSO 4041. Looking for a manual from mauritron I don't see some for the 4041. I have here absolute nothing to read about this rig. Maybe I find someone to help me a little.

Thank you, Hermann