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I just bought a used Gould oscilloscope (model DSO 400). I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find a user's manual for this. There seems to be very little information on Gould scopes in general. The Gould Nicolet website was no help, even after leaving an email with them.

Anyone got any ideas/sources to track down a user's manual ? I'm just about at a dead end here ;-(

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These scopes are so complicated....and the service manuals are as rare as rocking horse poo !!!Cheers....Daniel.

Hello to Lightingman,
Are you related to Tesla?
My real question; I just bought a Gould 4096 scope. Everything seems to work OK. I have no manual for it. I can do some simple things with it, but would really like to find an operators manual. The service is not so important. I think it's too complex for my skill level if it ever dies. I would just like to know how to work everything.
Hi.I do have both the user manual and the service manual.....Daniel.
Hi Daniel, i have a problem with my DSO 400. The trace has disappeared on me.. It was about 3/4 voltage division above the X-axis (on AC/DC & GND) but has now disappeared altogether. I know the CRT is working fine as I have the on-screen graphics and menus etc. Could you send me the service manual please? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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Hi everybody
And in particulary to Lightingman,

I've just bought a junky Gould DSO 450 scope. I can't see nor OSD or grid, it seems to be dead. It's worth to repair it ? Can I have a service manual for DSO 400 from you. I think that 400 and 450 are similar. I've the user manual but isn't enought.
Thank you