Gould DSO400

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Hello all.....O.K. I am taking a shot at this one......I have 2 Gould DSO400 and 1 DSO450 oscilloscopes, unfortunatley one of the 400's is not well.....I traced the fault to a 10uF tant s/c, this took out the +ve rail to one of the input pre-amps......The problem is that it also destroyed the pre-amp I.C......Now these are Gould semi-custom I.C,s and of course are obsolete now.....Can enyone help????? The Gould part number is 456617.......Thanks in advance (well you never know !!)....Daniel..


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I assume Gould had that part branded with their number and you can't find the actual makers number. If so, bummer. You can try and use the working one to figure out what the part should be and recreate it or just keep it around for when the other one breaks.