Got one of those MagLite LED flashlights

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I must say its quite amazing. Paid $30 for the small little 8 inch one and the 3 D cell one. Hard to believe a single little SMD LED could be so dang bright. So if anyone is on the fence on getting one, get it.


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I had someone give me a gift certificate, so I got a little Fenix LD01 flashlight. This thing is 14 mm in diameter and 76 mm long. It's not much bigger than the AAA battery it uses and fits on my keychain. It has three brightnesses; the brightest is 80 lumens, which is nearly the brightness of a Surefire incandescent flashlight I bought 20 years ago. The battery also lasts an hour at that level or 8.5 hours at 10 lumens. We'll see how the device holds up over the years, but I'm quite pleased with the light output in such a small package.