GOS-310 oscillo. instructional videos and need suggestions on a waveform generator to accompany it.

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I am new to the oscilloscope world and have a GOS-310 oscilloscope that I am wanting to use to test car audio amplifier components will this work fine or do I need one that has more than 1 input? Will it will be adequate for the application of testing N and P mosfets, opamps, Etc. If so looking for suggestions on which waveform generator to purchase to accompany it. Not trying to break the bank but would like one that will cover my needs as my knowledge of my field grows and I learn.Trying to learn how to even use the GOS-310 which lectures will be most helpful in learning how to use it?


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Well, it's an old analoge scope which means you pretty much only get what you see on the screen, i.e. no single shot records, no measurements, no math or FFT (which can be very useful for audio). It can still be useful for many things but frankly there's a reason why analog scopes are no longer a thing (and I'd be careful using one as a learning tool as it will teach you techniques which are no longer appropriate).

However, if you can reach to say $400 then you can already find some great new digital scopes, like the Rigol DS1054z or GW Instek GDS-1054B (both 4ch scopes), or the Siglent SDS1202XE (2ch). You get single shot recordings, decent triggers, zoom, measurements, math and usable FFT.

And then, rather than learning how to operate an antique, lern how to operate a digital scope properly.