Google search window "feature"

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Ron H

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My Google search button appears to be contaminated with something from or some other shopping site. I added the red ellipse to highlight it.
Has anyone else seen this? Or is it another goofy "feature" that Google has temporarily added? (seriously doubt that.)
I tried turning my computer off and back on. It's still there.

EDIT: I just checked my notebook computer (duh).:( It's not there.



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If you didn't add it yourself, it's possible that it's a spyware/malware program that got installed as a "drive by" download. I suggest that you run some spyware, malware and anti-virus utilities to check out your system.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware freeware is a good place to start. You can download it here:
Click on the "Download Now" blue text, NOT the "Start Download" buttons.
Save it to your desktop, open it, have it perform an update of its' database, then have it perform a full scan of your drive(s).

After that scan finishes, try SuperAntiSpyware, another good tool available in freeware:
The freeware is the 2nd "download" link.

Spybot Search & Destroy has been around for years; they keep updating it.
I suggest that during installation, you don't install the Tea Timer module, as it makes future updates a real pain in the neck.

Trend Micro offers "Housecall", a malware/antivirus scanner that's web-based - although it does install code on your computer to speed the scans. Link to Housecall:

The malware threat is growing rapidly, as there is a lot of financial motivation to obtain your private information.