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    Mar 2, 2011
    Hi. I have a problem. I purchased a controller from IPC, it is a RHV 135. When I got it I could not get the max voltage to set. The adjustment made no difference. I called IPC but they were not willing to help. I continued to work with the controller on the bench and finally got the 150 volt limit I wanted. (Don't know why) The pot worked fine with a 0 – 150 output. I installed it and now the output is 250, sometimes 270 volts output. The pot no longer works. I disconnected it and still get 250 or more out the back. I have no idea what might have happened. Any ideas? THANKS
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    Jul 17, 2007
    A copy of the manual for your controller is here:

    Did you follow all of the instructions?
    Is your motors' current draw <= 3A continuous current?
    Did you call them with any questions you had before you attempted to hook it up?

    If you've followed the manuals' instructions and didn't have any questions before hooking it up, and it doesn't work, then get it repaired/replaced under warranty.