Good options for 3 pin signal only micro-connectors that are strong and durable.

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I have a PCB that has a very high density of parts and lots of traces (4 layer). Currently it has a 1mm pitch socket header on the board that plugs into a 1mm pitch header on an adapter board. The adapter board has a UART module on it that plugs into a standard USB connector. The 1mm pitch connector is used for TX/RX and ground. So just signals 3 pins minimum. No significant current. This connector (I found out the hard way) is very delicate with only 3 pins. Any torque at all on the adapter board bends the small header connector. Anyone have any ideas for a better connector? It has to be small because there is little room on the target PCB. Because layout is pretty much done, I would like to keep the connector in the same place (middle of the board) with a vertical interface. 0.1" on center headers are out of the question because there is simply not enough board space. Any ideas appreciated!


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The JST SH series are very good, particularly if you use the right angle PCB connector but I have seen more of the evaluation boards using 1mm pin headers (not .1“) and they can be very sturdy. You can use a surface mount female or shrouded male on the PCB for very low profile but you might have to use a small PCB to terminate the cable because of the very small size.