Good N and P Channel Mosfets for HBridge Design

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Hello! I finally made a crude h-bridge using bjt transistors, but the motor I was using was too powerful. Can anyone recommend good n and p channel mosfets I can use for my design? Ideally, I want to use the hbridge to control this motor (this is not the same motor I used in my original hbridge design). Also, what specs of the mosfet should I pay attention in this situation?


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Yeah, use MOSFETs - less power dissipation.

Select the MOSFETs based on your motor specs (V and I). The DC supply should be 10x your motor spec (or more).

If the current is just an amp or two, you may find a good H-bridge IC. Otherwise, you can use a driver chip to drive the gates of the high- and low-side MOSFETs.

The bridge will be more efficient if you use n-channel FETs all around, but that means you have to pay attention to the gate drive on the high-side FETs. It needs a higher supply voltage or some sort of boot-strap.


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In my previous reply I assumed you were chopping the drive to the motor. If you are just driving a DC motor at constant speed in both directions, forget about the 10x on the motor supply. Sorry if I confused you.


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Also, what specs of the mosfet should I pay attention in this situation?
Without any details of your motor its a bit hard to say, but I don't think you are using a very high wattage DC motor anyway ,first if you have lower driving voltage for gates then go for logic FETs.Then select a FET with minimum working voltage of (Vds)50V and a minimum current of (Id) 4A.Many types will satisfy these criteria.

Long ago I built a H-Bridge circuit for testing motors using these two Power MOSFETs
IRF9520 P-Channel
IRF520 N-Channel

You should provide the circuit, so that we could recommend a better device.

Good Luck